“I wanted to find a local quilter and was in my local quilt shop. I saw some sample quilts and was told that they had been quilted by Roxanna at the Finishing Touch. I had a top that needed finishing so I decided to try Roxie. Wow! She did a great job on my quilt and the judges from both the Seven Sisters local quilt show and the Mid-State Fair gave Roxie compliments on the quality of her work! We even got a red ribbon at the Fair! Since then I’ve had her do other projects for me and they have been beautiful! I am so glad I found her!”

Mikie Stock

“I am new to quilting. Roxanna treats my projects like I’m a pro. She is always very professional and gets my quilts done very quickly. I strongly recommend her to other quilters!”

Debbie Brown

“Roxanna has been quilting for me for about a year.  She seems to know how the quilt needs to be quilted just by looking at it!  I love my quilts when she finishes and I have seen many of the quilts she has done for other people and they all look great!”

Carol Ast

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